Miaozhen Systems (Miaozhen), founded in 2006 and headquartered in Beijing, is the leading omni-marketing data and technology solution provider in China. We help enterprises via trusted data from independent 3rd party, innovative solutions and advance technology. We served over 70% of the Global & China Top 100 brands to drive better business decisions.
  • 2006Founded in Beijing. Certified as a national level hi-tech enterprise.
  • 2010Opened an office in Shanghai. Completed Redpoint led Round A financing.
  • 2011Completed KPCB China led Round B financing. Opened an office in Guangzhou in Nov. Began to provide tracking service in Japan, with a managed budget volume of USD4M per annum.
  • 2012We began to provide monitoring service in the Japanese market, and expanded to the entire Asia-Pacific gradually.
  • 2013Opened an office in Singapore to further expand the Southeast Asia market. In Apr, completed Round C financing of US$10M, led by CBC with participation by Redpoint, KPCB China and WPP Digital.
  • 2014Yantai office established. Tracking in overseas markets reached 420 cases, covering 84 advertisers, and gained market share up to 60% in the Southeast Asia market.
  • 2015Completed Round D financing of US$10M, led by Primavera Capital. Entered the European and American markets to establish comprehensive services for the global brands and customers.
  • 2016Together with Drawbridge, released UserGraph. Strategically invested in Xinsight. OTT brought into the budget allocation system. MAMS (Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science) established.
  • 2017Joined hands with Mengniu to explore big data innovative research, and expanded into cinema ads tracking. Achieved strategic cooperation with Alibaba and jointly built the new brand advertising ecology. Established the Ads anti-fraud laboratory with Tencent.
  • 2018Successfully implemented large DMP projects for Nestle and BSH, etc. Invested a strategic stake in MaLogic Group.


As a leading big data business intelligent company, Miaozhen Systems provides digital advertising solutions integrating with three core technologies——cloud computing, cloud storage and big data technology to evaluate digital investment.
Exclusive Moment Tracking TechnologyMeasure reach and frequency of target audience with demography and geography in a unified, scientific and reliable way.
Enormous Information ProcessingCollect, compute and provide extensive data analysis of campaign performance on reach, frequency and iGRP in the target based on netizen population.
High-quality Panel DatabaseProvide accurate target audience demography based on continuous, validated survey based panel – not just self claimed nor predictive algorithm based.
Advanced research models and methodsCutting-edge analysis model & methodology using multi-data approach.
PROFESSIONAL TEAM Miaozhen System has more than 400 employees, 75% of whom are technical engineers, with half of them graduated from top universities in
China like Peking University, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, etc..
This is a dream team of product design, mathematics and computer fields. After years of technical innovation, practices and accumulation, Miaozhen Systems already has a number of independent intellectual property rights and software copyrights.

Vison & Misson

Behind every successful brand, there is a great brand vision!
Miaozhen’s vision and mission depict our future brand blueprint and our ultimate goal, and indicate the future direction of development for Miaozhen Systems, including our company and every member.

Our vision:

To Drive Data and Technology in Marketing

Data & technology are the core of what we do. Our ultimate task is use data & technology to drive efficiency & effectiveness in business decision.

Our Mission:

Data is Wonderful

With objective data and innovative technology, we help marketing to be more efficient and achieve better ROI, contributing to a better and healthy ecosystem of media and marketing industry.

Digital marketing is constantly changing,customers’needs are changing,
and new technologies will continue to emerge. I believe that with clear vision and mission,
Miaozhen Systems will be ahead, leading the industry by innovation and dynamic spirit !
By Minghui Wu